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Wall Street Journal

"Avoids payroll, insurance and tax hassles. The Staffers are happier, too, because they get better benefits."  


"Small business is drowning in red tape, courtesy of government at all levels, and one of the biggest paper and hassle generators in most operations is employee administration. Withholding taxes, negotiating benefits packages, dealing with firing, hiring and raises - all these tasks cost time and money and divert an owner's attention from where it ought to be: producing and selling his or her product."

The Practical Accountant

"In many small companies, the owner-entrepreneur commonly spends one third of his time on personnel problems and paperwork. By turning these duties over to a PEO, the owner-entrepreneur may redirect productive efforts to enhance his product, service, and marketing opportunities and thus improve the company's performance."  

The Financial Manager

"The advantages of employee leasing have made it increasingly popular among start-up and small to medium size companies. For these companies, the most valuable aspects of leasing may be access to competitive benefits plan .. Quality medical, life, and disability coverage can help to limit turnover and attract talented workers."

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